Saturday, 24 September 2011


Ok, I created this blog because my last one sort of flopped, and here is why:

  • Because I didn't give myself any deadlines - only a vague promise to update once a month.
  • Because I ambitiously thought that I would be patient enough to write 1000+ words per post, much less have somebody else read them!
  • Because I limited myself to talking about things that I like. It's much easier to talk about things when you don't like them. Strange.
So, Snippets has some new rules for me to stick to, and you dear reader to enforce:
  1. Once a week, every week. Something must be posted.
  2. 300-500 words - give or take. Short and easy to read.
  3. Love or hate, this is a blog for expressing all sorts of thoughts. Except long ones. Too much effort.
I will post here every week, on a specific day (Possibly Saturday, since that's when I'm starting, but it's my prerogative if I want to change) with a Snippet of my thoughts about a film or show or something that I've seen. Hopefully they won't devolve into a weekly recap of whatever show I'm obsessed with at the time - but again, my prerogative (Right now Dr Who is dishing out some solid stuff, but never fear, the series will be over soon)

The purpose of this is to hone my writing skills (Ha! As if I don't write enough in class...) and to open up my brain and empty some of it out on the keyboard every week. I'm not writing formally, I'm writing however the hell I like, to whoever reads it. Although, I do try to follow the laws of grammar. Mostly. I swear, I will deviate only rarely from the strict formalities of essay writing, and only when I feel it's appropriate.

If anyone happens to stumble across this, I guess I'd better welcome you. Welcome! This is my blog of my thoughts, but I do appreciate any feedback you deem fitting to leave. Comments that promote discussion are preferred, although encouragement is also good, and if you feel the need to criticise at least do it constructively. Spam and haters are pretty bad, but if they're shooting at me, I must be doing something right, right?

So, if you are skilled (and kind) enough to encourage me with a constructive criticism that provokes a discussion, I will put you in a special little virtual box that says 'This One Is Listening'. And I'll give you a virtual medal.

I'm rambling, I know, and probably not very entertainingly, but it's only so I can pad out this initial post to the 500 word objective. I've covered all the important stuff already, so I'm kind of just procrastinating. Right now I have a 2000 word research essay looming which I haven't started writing in earnest. I'm finding it much easier to write nonsensical crap about nothing in particular than to formulate and pose an argument. And what are blogs for if not to spread nonsensical crap?

Or maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way? Maybe this little tangent (starting a blog and committing myself to a weekly deadline of additional writing from here on out) is just a warm-up, and now I'm going to completely rip through this essay? In any case, I'm over my limit now.

Here's to yet another opinion out there on the internet!
(Only this one's different, because it's mine :P)